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New Rental Assistance is Available in Dauphin County!

{NOTE: This information applies ONLY TO DAUPHIN COUNTY PA! Tenants outside of Dauphin County PA should Google "Emergency Rental Assistance Program" and their counties name for more information! Program funding requirements and start dates will vary by county.}

If you have fallen behind on rent or utilities in Dauphin County due to COVID-19 you may be elligable for Emergency Rent and Utility Assistance!

Check out our ERAP Application Guide for tips and advice on getting your application submitted, processed, (and hopefully approved) as quickly as possible!

CLICK HERE for Elligibility / Documentation Requirements and info on Applying!

Additional Links

County Instructions and Information

Online Application

Paper Application

Need help?

Call 3-1-1 and ask about Emergency Rental Assistance to be connected with agencies who are helping tenants to apply.


The CDC has extended it's Moratorium on Eviction until June 30th!

This means landlords still cannot evict tenants who cannot afford pay their rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have already given your landlord a Declaration you don't need to do anything else.

If not, you must present your landlord with a CDC Declaration to be eligable for this legal protection!

Unable to Afford Rent?

Carefully read and fill out the following form and give it to your landlord ASAP!

CDC Declaration Form

Need help?

Call our Hotline at (717) 461-2096 or Contact Us via Email.


The City of Harrisburg has issued a public health emergency under Bill 21-2020, triggering a city-wide ban on evictions until May 13th!

This means landlords can no longer evict tenants who have been sued for non-payment or lease expiration!

Call 311 and ask for City Codes to report violations! Or call the non-emergency HPD line at 717-558-6900. If it is an emergency, call 911. Violators will be deemed liable for violation of a public health ordinance and subject to fines and penalties up to $10,000 or 90 days in prison.

Reference Bill 21-2020 by name and know your rights! (See line #360 on page 14 for the description of the ban)

Here's a News Article about the Bill

This ban can be renewed every 30 days by the Mayors order! Send public comments to publiccomment@harrisburgpa.gov demanding that the eviction ban be kept in place until a COVID-19 Vaccine is available to all and unemployment returns to pre-pandemic levels!

Who We Are

We are a group of Harrisburg tenants and local organizers fighting for the basic human right of housing. Are you experiencing problems with your landlord? Join us and we can stop landlords from putting their profits over our lives.

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Know Your Rights

Check out our Tenants Rights Cheatsheet for a quick breakdown of tenant rights and resources in Harrisburg.

Why Organize?

There is power in numbers, this is the simple reason that organizing works: when tenants engage in actions together--such as cosigning letters, suing, or withholding rent--they are more likely to succeed. GHTU can help you band together with other tenants to apply pressure to your landlord and get what you want.

Tenant organizations can and have achieved political wins, like a tenants’ bill of rights, rent control , and eviction reform. GHTU is working to put political power in the hands of Harrisburg’s renters, not the landlords, property managers, and developers.


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[Pro-Bono Legal Representation and Services]

Mid Penn Legal Services

Community Justice Project
(717) 236-9486 ext. 210

[Rental Assistance and Emergency Shelter Services]

CCU/HELP Ministries
(717) 238-2851

[Utility Assistance]

Harrisburg Utility Assistance Guide
from PA Utility Law Project

[Advocacy, Mediation, Eviction Appeals]

Kay Pickering at the Harrisburg Center for Peace and Justice
(717) 233-7897

Fair Housing Council of the Capitol Region
(717) 238-9540

[Utility Shut-Offs]

PULP Utility Shutoff Hotline

Utility Shutoff Information from PULP

[City and County Offices]

Harrisburg Bureau of Code Enforcement
Tenant Complaint (Online Version)
Paper Version: Download and Fill Out

Magisterial District Judge
District court adresses and phone numbers.

[Informational Resources]

Eviction Lab
Summary of Pennsylvania policies related to tenant protections during COVID

Tenant Union Representative Network
Helpful information about laws and resources available to tenants

PA Housing Finance Agency
Document summarizing guidance for renters in PA affected by COVID

NOLO Landlord-Tenant guide
Public record databases of state and local laws

Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania
'Know Your Rights As a Renter' Guide

How to Write Letters to your Landlord

Harrisburg Tenant Landlord Handbook
Additional List of Resources

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(717) 461-2096